10 skinny tips for eating out with your boyfriend

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March 8, 2014 by Daniela Salvador


10 tips for eating out with your boyfriend.

It is true sometimes when you are just staring a relationship, you tend to eat what your partner is eating and for the most part you go out a lot. You don’t want to seem like one of those people who is going to be really boring when you go out, and technically it is not lying, obviously you want someone who cares about themselves too, who likes to eat healthy but when you are a woman dating a man, they can get away with eating so much more and stay the same while if you eat the things he eats, you will end up with a whole lotta junk in the trunk.

I made this mistake when I was first going out with my boyfriend over 3 years ago (and I did pack on a bit of a muffin top) and so I wanted to post some tips on eating out with your boyfriend that benefits the female only, from my experience and how I have turned our eating out habits around without making him feel like I am trying to change us and avoiding looking really boring!

1. Share the love
My number one tip, if you do nothing else, is share your food! Order one pizza instead of two each, share the large nachos or the seafood platter! This tip is particularly helpful when it comes to desert!

Now, men, for the most part, are unstoppable cave men, sharing will be difficult if you are a girl who is a slow eater but you have to look at it like this: you are getting less calories, not less food. For example, if you are sharing a pizza (I will use pizza as an example a lot because it is a love hate relationship kind of food) let’s say there are eight slices, he eats six in the time it takes you to eat two, you have consumed 400-600 calories aka a decent portion and he has eaten the rest so you are done, no temptation left!

2. Would you like salad with that?
Wether you are sharing or decide to get your own, ordering a salad is always a good tip, because instead of ordering a big main you can order a salad and a smaller main, so let’s say you are sharing pizza (again) and you know the pizzas at that place are not too big which will equal to a total caloric count of 400 calories for 2 slices, then order a fresh salad with lots of veggies so that you can fill yourself up and have a well balanced meal.

3. El Etiquette
Don’t forget your manners, eat with a knife and fork! You are a lady! This tip will help you eat slower, make you fuller, and make you look sexy, because being a lady is sexy! Now my boyfriend hates this because he knows I too am a crazy cave woman who could eat all day with her hands, and some days if we are eating at home and we made lamb chops with sweet potato chips, I do go primal, but if we go out to eat I will insist on eating my pizza and my burgers, and nachos and ribs with a knife and fork. Trust me it helps!

4. The doggie
Yeh, I had to call it that! When a man finishes his food (or at least my boyfriend) instinctively he will stare at you food in case you drop something, or look away at any point he can pounce on it. He will make eye contact for a little bit, but he is mostly worried about how slow you are eating and how much he wants to terminate your food. So throw him a bone once in a while, when you believe you have eaten enough, usually for a restaurant serving is half of what they serve you, then give him the rest pretend you are full and when you give it to him say “finish him!” In a deep demon voice, and if he doesn’t propose right there and then, he is not the one.

5. A walk to remember
Propose a romantic walk before or after dinner, even by the beach if you live near it is great! He chases you and tackles you on the sand, you make out for a bit, then he starts chasing seagulls as you take off your sandals and hold them in one hand, trying to avoid the cold waves from touching your feet, but they do, they always do. He throws dried out seaweed towards you, then you scream at first but you both end up laughing while you try to catch you breath, but most importantly, you are accidentally exercising!

6. Hell yea, all you can eat Buffet!
Most health tips will tell you to avoid the buffet, and if you have horrible willpower then forget it, but otherwise, I say go to a buffet! But not a crappy Pizza Hut or sizzler buffet, NO! if he wants a buffet then he has to take you to a classy one. These places will be expensive yes, but they will have a variety of salads, fresh seafood, vegetables, fancy bite size desserts and the last time we went to a buffet they had a whole sushi table with great variety of sushi and sashimi. He will go crazy and eat his hearts desires, while you try an abundance of salads and fresh seafoods!

7. Froyo!
For those of you who are froyo virgins, that is frozen yogurt, which you get at places such as Yogurtland. Now I don’t honestly believe that this is any healthier than any other desserts, please do not think I’m that stupid, but what you do get is control over your serving and toppings, you get a lot of fruit and nut choices when it comes to toppings and he can get whatever he wants too! So I like to get the coconut froyo literally two blobs of it, then I ad, a little bit of crushed almonds, carob chips and strawberries. Not only does my desert end up tasting like a cherry ripe bar, but it ends up costing $2 and I have it down packed to approx 200 cal.

8. First round’s on me
I don’t normally lie to my boyfriend when it comes to drinking, we have gotten to a stage where I can get a soda water when he gets a beer and he doesn’t think I’m boring he just is happy. But I know at the beginning of our relationship I felt like I had to be fun too and get a beer too! No, he has his friends so that he can drink beer and get plastered with, he doesn’t really need it from me. But if you are at the beginning, say first round is on me, go to the bar and order a soda water in a short glass (the y might no te en charge you for it) and his beer, then when you go back and he asks what did you get, because he will as, you say a vodka soda and you nurse it for a round or two until he is distracted and you say my round and you get it again. Mind you if you actually get a couple of vodka sodas it won’t do any collateral damage, so you could do that too.

9. Stalk the restaurant
Go online, find a restaurant with healthy choices, so that you have no choice than to order a healthy meal or research somewhere with quality food not just junk. The other day we wanted burgers, so I found this burger place that had a big variety of burgers that were 100% certified organic! you can order all kinds of different bread choices and it does not come with fries on the side unless you pay extra so there goes that temptation. So I ordered the beef bacon and avocado burger, no bun, so I just had a meat patty with a little bit of bacon, and a tomato, avocado, lettuce beetroot salad on the side (and then I was naughty and after we went to froyo haha)

10. Fancy pants
Go somewhere really really fancy. The fancier the place, the smaller the servings will be. Not to mention you will be dressed all fancy so you won’t want explode out of your pants with fullness. The best and worst thing about this plan is that your wallet will get a good reaping, which means you won’t get to go out again for a while and have to eat at home, where you control your food and your portions!

Hope you enjoyed my personal tips, if you have any other tips please do share them with me!

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