It has been a while!

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January 30, 2014 by Daniela Salvador

It has been a busy year for me, specially after finishing university I was lucky enough to embark on a journey with my amazing partner and took off for a tour around the world for 5 months!

San Sebastian

San Sebastian

I took a little break but I have certainly not forgotten. The things I have learned about food around the world are well worth the sharing!

I will provide a little preview, consider this an aperitif before I bombard you with delicious flavours from cultures far far away effused with my own experimentation!

growing tomatoesI have since learned a lot about, not just recipes, but growing and sourcing your own food. There is a lot of emphasis in places like Iceland, Europe and even the UK into growing your own or sourcing from your local farmers market and buying fresh and local. There really is an extra appreciation when you go the distance to farm, hunt, grow, and/or drive 5 hours to find your food or even hike 10 kilometres uphill through the scottish highlands to find the nearest shop.

We met the most fascinating scottish man during our cold and wet climb; he gave us a tip about life that we will never forget, he said, in a thick scottish accent “good food, regular exercise and fresh air” that was his secret. His secret to looking 50yo while actually being 90 and still being healthy enough for chopping his own wood and living in a self sustainable home without the need of external care 100km from civilisation.



You know what is amazing, freshly squished orange juice, but not like you go to the shops and they put it through a machine and here you go mister here is your juice, no like squeezing your own orange juice fruit, coffee and a couple of fresh baked goods which i would normally never have at home, but places like France for example, how could I go and not have a fresh croissant!

As you can probably tell we had a lot of food, and a lot of fun! We learned new ways to cook, share, grow and live! And I will be sharing all of them with you! So I hope i have left you hungry for more stories!

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