Top 5 veggie based pasta/noodle substitutes

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April 7, 2013 by danieatsnow

Home made veggie based pasta/noodles!

So, I’m not fully Paleo (caveman diet look it up ya’ll) because I’m half human and I’m half mouse; I freakin love cheese, I don’t need it, I like it in moderation and thats the end of that story!

BUT I have made a conscious decision to not have any grains, and mostly because they make me feel like absolute crap. You know that feeling after you have mexican beans, or a big piece of cake, or a lil bit too much pasta, or your girlfriends invite you out to sushi train thinking its all slim and sexy to eat like a japanese girl….yeh that shit just don’t sit well in my belly!

So wether you are going paleo, or your body hates gluten (like most people), or you have woken up from the grain trance and realise you can do without, I decided to write some options with my personal reviews on this AWESOME home made veggie based pasta/noodles.

5: Carrot “vermicelli”

Why vermicelli? Can’t you make a thick pasta with it too? yes yes you can but hear me out. There is a fine line between when carrots go from hard…to mush. I like to make it into vermicelli because it tastes better with sauces and it is like 3 minutes in boiling water and done, you have a bendy yet aldente vermicelli and you are not absolutely cooking the nutrients right off the carrots, because you want those benefits, you could even steam it!

This falls in fifth for me because I don’t love carrots, I know its like a sin, I eat it every day, I know its good for me but I don’t love it. However the thin like noodles work well with more asian style dishes.

4: Cabbage “flat noodles”

These are awesome,  because they are basically tasteless once you cook it and fall into a nice consistency much like the one of the traditional flat rice noodle (kinda) and really blends well with both sauces and asian style dishes!

So why isn’t this number one? or two even? Well to be perfectly honest….length. I think length does play a big part when comparing these substitutes to your traditional pasta/noodles (which by the way are pretty much the same shizz different ethnicity) Cabbage noodles don’t get too lengthy they are short and go a bit weird if you over cook it!

3: Eggplant “pasta sheets”

Theres not much to this one, you grill the eggplant and you use the layers as pasta sheets, and the consistency is not great, I know that. But I love how this tastes, and I will basically make the lasagna as I would normally and use the eggplant as sheets and it works beautifully.

Because the consistency is much more softer than lasagne sheets, it will be served more like a bake and it is moist and yummy and i know my family loves it (even though my father hates HATES eggplant, he still loves it!)

2: “Spaghetti” squash

Now this one just has an absolutely amazing resemblance to pasta, I mean if you are a mum and you are desperately trying to “health kick” your husband and kids, you just gotta do this first, a nice traditional Bolognese sauce and a pinch of parmesan and they will be all like “who even needs pasta ever?”

The prep is just a lil annoying for my liking, so you gotta bake it first and then shred it with a fork and im not very patient right, so I look at the pic above and mine did not look like that, because i’m just not patient right, I shredded it like in too many different directions and  it was not very presentable, however if you are a delicate patient cook please send me a pic or something!

1: Zucchini “fettuccine” 

BEST. This is so good! And you know what the craziest part is! It feels you up like you wont believe, and thats why it wins. You end up very full (because its mostly water) it taste virtually like nothing so its great with sauces, and its a good length, deceiving enough for your brain to be like hmmm pasta.

I prefer this one as a pasta rather than a noodle, because its very watery it would make most asian dishes too watery but with most saucy pasta dishes you won’t really notice this wateriness as much!


So as you can probably tell, there are lots of fancy pants peelers out there, I’m old fashion so I just use a plain old potato peeler and to what I can with my knife and my chopping board so its not impossible to do if you don’t have crazy gadgets!

However here is a link to one of them, this one does like everything I mean the main thing that worries me about this medieval construction is how do I even begin to clean that thing? Because the last thing you want is being half way through washing and turning your fresh manicure into noodles. Triblade vegetable peeler thing <—–(Check it out, its a beast)

Hope you found it useful!

Don’t forget to like my fb page and send me pics of all the amazing inventions you made!

Stay healthy!

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