La Tomateria


March 3, 2013 by Daniela Salvador

2013-03-03 15.21.12

“Home made, home grown, organic, tomato sauce!”

I love sauces. That is a fact.

My Spanish background craves and cries for saucy meals at almost every meal but for years we or at least I have been avoiding sauces because well, because of all the added crap.

But to be honest nowadays we can find some really fantastic organic sauces that avoid the fake stuff and whilst they still may fail in the sugar and sodium department, they do well in the calorie count department.

So the reason I’ve decided to make my own is because there is nothing better than fresh, organic, hand picked ingredients, even at its early stages the smell of it is so overpowering and it fills my mind with crazy Italian themed dishes and all the things I can do with it. It just inspires every part of me to cook, and I can assure you it will tick all the healthy requirements and absolutely be the tastiest sauce you will ever have.

Now, you are probably thinking, “alright, where am I going to get all this organic stuff? I’m not made out of money you know” I know I know! I get it, money is tight and if you aren’t as lucky as I am to have a boyfriend whose mother grows her own tomatoes and desperately needs to use them up every week, you need to at least give it a try because investing in your every day health will save you money in the long run, so go to your local farmers market, support your local farmers, talk to them and ask them about their day and get the following ingredients:

  • 1kg of assorted tomatoes (live life on the wild side, get different types and colours)
  • 1 onion
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • Fresh: Oregano leaves, Bay leaves and basil leaves.
  • White wine vinegar
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Sweet Paprika
  • Olive oil
  • Salt

Well, done, your doing yourself and your body a huge justice here. Okay, enough of me trying to convince you that you should treat your body like a temple, if you didn’t want to, you wouldn’t be here.

Now let’s start this shall we!

Serves 3 medium size jars, or 1 large, 1 medium jar and 1 small jar, or 2 large jars.

1. Clean your tomatoes:

Begin by washing the tomatoes in 3 parts water 1 part white wine vinegar, because whilst eating natural fresh things is great, it also means there maybe natural creatures in it, we hope not, but being sceptical is a good thing, always wash your fruits and veg, always. So if there is anything in there you are hopefully killing the stuff and the vinegar is helping. Clean them also of any leaves that they may have. Leave them in there for half hour.

2013-03-03 15.27.15

2. Chop Chop:

Chop the basil leaves and oregano leaves finely. Chop the onion and garlic, not finely, just go rustic, and leave them chunky.

2013-03-03 15.33.51

3. Addition:

Add the chopped leaves and onion and garlic to pot.  Add olive oil, how much? Up to you, oil and salt are so personal to taste that I would just suggest moderation, maybe a tablespoon and no more than three. Lightly brown the onions then add tomatoes, mix in, put the lid on, and go do other things for the next hour.

2013-03-03 15.38.34

4. Magic Wand:

Take the pot of boiling tomatoes off the heat, add a cup of water and use your magic wand (or hand blender, or wiz stick, or whatever you wanna call it.) and blend all of the things (but take the bay leaves out first). Once you have finely blended everything chuck back in a low heat.

2013-03-03 16.32.01

5. Subtraction:

 Let it reduce for one hour or until super think. Add 3 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar and 4 teaspoons of sweet paprika. Then add salt. Again, how much salt? In moderation, please.

6.The end? 

Now some of you might not be too happy with the colour, its all orangey and it doesn’t look like the store and how are you going convince your kids to freaking eat it on spaghetti if its all orange? Let it reduce for longer. If that colour still not what you are looking for, add more paprika and a cup of wine. If you’re not happy still you can add organic tomato paste, but that’s really not the point of the exercise. You might not love the colour but its natural and damn tasty!

2013-03-03 19.13.19

Quick Packaging tips!

Here is a tip my partner so kindly shared with me, to boil old jars in some water and lemon juice to kill bad bacteria and past odours from it before putting the sauce in, so that it lasts longer. Once in the jars let them cool completely before putting the lid on and placing them in the fridge. Use within two weeks, and trust me you will!

2013-03-03 15.45.26

3 thoughts on “La Tomateria

  1. explodyfull says:

    I like the tip about boiling with lemon to remove the smells – I always have a problem with that. One of these days I will make my own tomato sauce

  2. paleolover says:

    Some great tips here. Will bookmark this page so I can remember them all, thank you! 🙂

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